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Audio Dramatic’s Elena Fernandez Collins raves about Centered

Audio Dramatic’s Elena Fernandez Collins raves about Centered

In turn hilarious and heart-wrenching, this new podcast centering the lives of women of color is a touching exploration of family dynamics, both exploitative or loving ones, and personal growth. [In Centered] Creator Beandrea July knows exactly how to get into your heart and take root early on.

-Elena Fernandez Collins

Podcast Critic , Audio Dramatic

Centered received its first review from well-known podcast critic Ely Fernandez Collins in her newsletter Audio Dramatic.

Read the full review and newsletter here and check out the response from our audience on Twitter.

Congrats to two of our fellow Audio Drama makers who also were featured in this month’s Audio Dramatic:

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Centered is a fiction podcast created, written, and directed by Beandrea July

It is produced with sound design by Hannah Smith

Our theme music is by Ganessa James


Centered stars Jerrika Hinton with an ensemble cast played by:

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